Frequently Asked Questions

When we receive your order, we carefully pack the items you purchased and place them in box (for cooled items, we use polystyrene cool-box – mandatory for cool and frozen items), which will be then handed to Korean domestic parcel service the next day. Our delivery area includes whole territory of South Korea.
In our online shop, you can find imported products from different manufacturers of the world, which makes remind the taste you have used to enjoy. In we offer the following category of products: cans, jars, dairy and meat products, staples and condiments that add extra taste to your dishes. And below are some of the manufacturers, who provide us products with top quality:
  1.  Australian Meat and Lamb company, Hilltop Meats, V&V Lamb, and SIERA chicken – largest fresh meat and meat product manufacturers of the world with their superior quality.
  2. Baktat Food – Turkey based one of the largest Turkish food company with exports to more than 52 countries of the world. We offer their Mediterranean tasted Olives, Spreads, and salads to you and your family.
  3. Organic Food – in this category you will find products from different foreign manufacturers, who have been offering world’s best organic products.
  4. Korean Noodles – domestic manufacturer with JAKIM halal certification.
Freshness is our on-going concern and we want to guarantee you that we will not send you products that expire sooner than the following dates: Cheese and milk products – 7 days, deli & processed meats – 5 days, packaged bread – 3 days If some products you receive from us have close expiration date, please contact us immediately to get your full refund.
No, we are independent online store.
We use flat rate based domestic parcel service, which is called "Tek-bae" in local language. Shipping cost shown below table includes delivery and handling, packaging, online transaction fee:
Shipping Class Shipping Cost
Standard Items  (e.g. condiments, staple food, cans) ₩3'000
Cooled Items (e.g. meat, dairy products) ₩6'000
Standard/Cooled Items to Islands (Jeju, Gojae, etc) ₩6'000 / ₩9'000
For products that require cooled shipping (e.g. meat, diary products, etc) polystyrene cool-box is mandatory, therefore delivery cost increases to  ₩6'000. If you choose local pick-up upon completing your order, then we kindly ask you to visit our pick up point – Al Baraka Shop in Itaewon, Seoul to get your order.
Yes, if your total order amount exceeds ₩100,000, then you will have an option to choose free shipping upon completing your order. If you don’t choose Free shipping option, standard shipping cost will be charged, and we will take it as a tip for our packaging and delivering your order. Thank you.
Parcel service ("Tek-bae") delivers your order from Monday to Saturday; if payment is made by 12:00 PM, your order will be delivered the next day (except weekends, National and Public Holidays)
Yes, 3rd party Express (The Same Day) Delivery Service within Seoul city is available. Once you complete bank transaction to your order, please call us at 02-574-6840 for arranging Express Delivery Service to your order. However, please be noted that you will need to pay delivery fee upon arrival of Express Delivery Service by your own (The service cost starts from ₩8,000 within Seoul city area).
We work with Korean domestic parcel service in delivering your order, while we welcome your feedback, we don’t expect you to give a tip to delivery service staff.
We suggest you being present at your address indicated as the Shipping address in your order. You may point out an alternative parcel receiver located within your building to accept your delivery. To designate an alternative receiver, please make a note when submitting the order in the Delivery Comment section. We apply our terms and conditions to your alternative receiver as we are applying to you. Anyone at the delivery address who contacts with delivery service and receives the order is conclusively presumed to be an authorized person to receive the delivery. In some cases, delivery service staff may require your ID confirmation or your name to make sure parcel is being delivered to the right person. In Korea domestic delivery service generally sends you sms message before s/he visits you, so in order to receive information about expected delivery time, you must have input your mobile phone number (or alternative receiver’s phone number) when you are placing your order in our website. By doing so, you will let us pass your phone number to delivery service staff so that s/he can contact you before his/her visit and inform you about estimated arrival time of your order. If estimated shipment arrival time doesn’t match with your schedule, you may call delivery service staff back and negotiate where to leave your parcel.
No, we do not ship outside of Korea. We can deliver your order by using Korean domestic parcel service within South Korean territory (including Jeju Island). Thank you for your interest in our products!
Currently we accept only bank transfer. Once you completed your order, transfer the total amount that includes shipping cost to the following account number:
  • Bank name: KEB Hana Bank
  • Account Number: 273-910055-20707
  • Receiver Information: ABDULLAYEV ANVAR (Coreative / 코리아티브)
Indicate your order number in bank transfer note for the faster order processing. You can’t make payment for your online order at the pick-up point cashier.
No, you can’t. If you are going to visit our pick-up point (Al Baraka shop, Itaewon, Seoul), we kindly request you to make bank transaction first, and then visit the pick-up point with your order number and proof of confirming your payment (i.e. sms from bank transaction). You can’t pay for your online order on cashier at our pick-up point.
If you have completed your order and made bank transfer to our account, please call us to change your order at 02-574-6840. Please note that if your order is handed to delivery service by the time you contact us, we are not able to modify your order.
No, as long as you are aware of the fact that you may take an advantage of free delivery if your order exceeds ₩100,000. You may order any item with any price. However, we suggest you review our product categories and for efficiency we kindly ask you to unite all your purchase under one order, so that your order could be shipped together and if your order exceeds ₩100,000, you will take an advantage of free delivery.
Yes, we do. Delivery charge for corporate orders is the same as for the residential customers. We provide wide range of fresh products and if your order has expected frequency and large enough, we suggest you contact us at 02-574-6840, or email us at for further details of terms and conditions.
We appreciate your shopping at and while our target is to fulfill your order, some products with perishable nature and/or due to market conditions, which are beyond our control may not be available and for some time those product can be out of stock. We will try to offer similar item by making effort to reaching you via your phone numbers prior to delivery, and if you are not satisfied with the substitution offer, we will not send that missing item and refund the amount that you made transaction for that missing item. In such cases when more than 40% of the items on your order cannot be delivered, we will waive the delivery fee in full.
If you have already made bank transaction, we kindly ask you to call us at 02-574-6840, your order can be cancelled before we hand your order to Korean domestic parcel delivery service. Once we handed your order to delivery service, you will be notified by delivery service, and you will need to contact the delivery service staff in arranging delivery time that is convenient for both sides. If you haven’t completed your order by transferring the total amount to our bank account, you don’t need to worry about cancelling your order, since we won’t process your order until you make a bank transaction.
Please, let us know your four digit order number that you were given upon completing your order, knowing your order number will make it easy for us to reach your request details sooner.
Upon you get delivery, we kindly ask you to go through the order and check it for any items missing or damaged, before the delivery service staff leaves. However, you have up to three days after the delivery, or until the expiration date printed on the product, whichever is earlier, to return non-perishable products and one day or 24 hours to return perishable items, i.e. meat, cheese and frozen products. A product can be returned only in case if it is damaged, in unsatisfactory quality or expired. We require the return of the product, which you aren’t satisfied with. You may request for a substitute an acceptable item or request for a refund. In some cases, you may be asked to send us a photo of a damaged item that you claim. At your request we will refund you the full amount you were charged for the returned or missing item. For missing items, you have one day or 24 hours to claim, no claims about a missing product will be honored after 24 hours of delivery time.
We highly appreciate your time and concern, our customers’ satisfaction is important for us. If you have a feedback, please feel free to send us email at or you may contact us at 02-574-6840.
Yes, you can suggest a product, please email us at We’ll review the product suggested and check possibilities of supplying it on our platform.
We suggest our users that they register as members, where they will have their own account at our online shopping platform ( Membership registration is easy and can be done via inputting email or Facebook account, phone number and delivery shipment addresses. By having registered membership, users’ previous purchase records are saved under their membership account. Once we apply rewarding programs, we will provide extra points for members, which can be used as cash discount on their next order. Rewarding program details will be updated and shared with registered members later.