Green Olives, 700gr

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  • Big tasty Turkish green olives with pits pickled in brine
  • Makes delicious your salad and appetizers
  • Includes 1 green olives in jar (700gr)
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  • Large sized tasty Turkish green olives pickled in brine
  • Big green olives with a pit inside is a good appetizer when served with cheese
  • Comes in jar with 700gr, enjoy your salads
  • Green Olives in jar from SERA, which is a Turkish brand with the following quality certificates:

About the Manufacturer:
Serafood found in 1985 in Germany is one of Turkey’s leading food manufacturers with its two plants located in Aydın and Manisa, and a Logistics Base in Germany. The company exports high quality and healthy Mediterranean tastes to 45 countries of the world.