Raspberry Jam, 380gr


  • Perfect for topping on toast, pancakes and to be paired with yogurt or ice cream,
  • Includes 1 Raspberry Jam in glass jar with 380 gr,
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  • Raspberry Jam is rich in flavor that makes it great for topping bread, toast and pancakes or to be paired with yogurt or ice cream.
  • Comes in glass jar with 380 gr perfect for keeping in refrigerator for the next serving.
  • Raspberry jam in jar from BAKTAT, which is a Turkish brand with the following quality certificates:

About the Manufacturer:

BAKTAT Group was established in 1986, and there are 12 companies which operate in Turkey, Germany, and USA with around 1500 workers. BAKTAT Group products range more than 2500 high quality and healthy Mediterranean tastes and exported to 52 countries.


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