Torrent Spanish Pitted Black Olives, 350g


  • Tasty Spanish pitted black olives with perfect taste
  • Try hand picked table olives from Spanish province of Gordoba
  • Includes 1 black olives in can (350g)
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  • Pitted black olives are good for your salad or as a snack
  • Comes in can with 350g, perfect for consuming without losing the taste you love
  • Torrent Spanish Pitted Black Olives from Aceitunas Torrent which is a Spanish brand with the following certificates:


  • ISO 9001:2008 certification for all the stages of production,
    ISO 14001:2004, IFS higher level and BRC grade A certificates:


About the Manufacturer:
Aceitunas Torrent officially in market since 1965 with their best quality hand picked table olives, starting their export with quota of 500 tons from the early years of their establishment.